How do I volunteer for Le Week-end?

We have many opportunities where your help would be greatly appreciated. Please email us at events@jghfoundation.org or call us at 514 340-8251 to discuss these options.

Is there minimum fundraising amount to participate?

We encourage each participant to raise $1,500, however no minimum level is required to participate, and the fundraising platform will remain active until December 31, 2023, so that everyone can continue their fundraising should they wish to do so.

Riders and/or walkers can also participate "virtually", defining their own personal challenge and ride/walk anywhere they want.

Can participants combine their funds raised such that, as a group, their total raised results is an average of at least $1,500 per Rider or Walker?

The fundraising associated with this event is an individual goal. We want every participant to be satisfied with achieving it via their own means, with the ongoing support of our Event Guides. We have raised an unprecedented amount of funds for cancer research due to the unwavering commitment of the community to fight this disease.

We encourage participants to support one another and each other’s fundraising campaigns and provide equal opportunity and treatment to everyone. The minimum is put in place as a bold but achievable goal to help raise a very significant amount of money for the Jewish General Hospital. Without this minimum in place, we would not be able to raise record-breaking amounts of money for Personalized Cancer Medicine research.

Team fundraising is also a good way to work together and distribute funds among your team members before they are processed. Once they are processed, funds cannot be moved between Riders or walkers.

It would also be a logistical / data challenge. Once the donation comes in, our database assigns this donation to the participant, a receipt is issued, and the money gets assigned to the Specific Cancer site group that he/she/they chose when they registered (i.e., Blood Cancers, Breast, Lung, etc…). To undo this would be a data challenge and provide a huge amount of work for our team. 

How much money raised goes to cause?

All donations go immediately to the Jewish General Hospital Segal Cancer Centre. 

We have raised millions for cancer research initiatives at the JGH.

Proceeds from the event support the full spectrum of research at the Segal Cancer Centre. Each one contributes to our unique advances and deeper scientific understanding of the disease, allowing for the delivery of more effective therapies and practices to our patients and patients across Canada and the world.



How do I create a fundraising page?

Click here to start fundraising. Once registered, you’ll have access to your Fundraising Hub, where you can log in to customize your page with an image and your story and use email tools to support your fundraising and track your progress.

What happens if the department I want to support isn’t listed?

When registering, please choose “other” under the designation section and someone from the Foundation will be in touch to assist you.

Will I receive a notification when someone makes a donation to my fundraising page?

Yes, you will receive email notifications when someone donates to your fundraiser. You can send thank you emails to your supporters via the Email tab of your Fundraising Hub.



How can I make a donation?

You can donate by telephone, by mail, in person or through our secure online donation application. You can make a donation by cash, cheque, money order or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

By phone: 514-340-8251

By mail or in person: The Jewish General Hospital Foundation, 3755 Côte St. Catherine Road, Room A-107, Montreal, Quebec, H3T 1E2. Very important to specify your name and the event name at the bottom of the cheque.

Can I make or receive donations via traditional mail?

Yes. Just mail in your cheque donation (we cannot accept cash). Each donation must have a completed donation form that has the participant's name you are sponsoring. You can download a copy of the donation form here.

Please make sure to mail both items to the address indicated in the upper right corner of your donation form.

Can I make or receive cash donations?

Yes, you can absolutely receive cash donations. But please do not mail the cash to us! We don’t want it to get lost in the mail. Instead, write a cheque for the donation amount and mail it in with your donation form, just be sure to enter the donor’s information on the form. We no longer accept donations on behalf of someone else using credit cards. Please email us at events@jghfoundation.org or call us at 514 340-8251for more information.

Do gifts of stock count towards my fundraising?

Yes, Donors can email the Event Guides (events@jghfoundation.org) to receive the forms to submit a gift of stock in either Canadian or United States dollars.

Is it safe to make a donation online?

The JGH Foundation uses industry-leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep your personal information secure. The Foundation protects your information by working with partners that specialize in providing a secure and safe environment for credit card donations. The Foundation website also uses industry standard security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information you provide on this site. All information is stored in a secure database. Your credit card information will never be saved on our site.

Is there a minimum amount that I can donate?

All contributions make a difference and are appreciated. However, income tax receipts are issued only for contributions of $15 or more. Accordingly, our online donation form, which automatically generates a tax receipt for each donation, only accepts gifts of $15 or more.

How is my credit card number handled?

Credit card numbers are not stored in our database. During the donation process we send your credit card number to an online processing terminal using a secure connection. The information is passed back as an approval or denial for the credit card donation.



Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Income tax receipts are automatically provided for all donations of $15 or more. Donations must be received by us by December 31 for us to issue the appropriate tax receipts for that year.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

An income tax receipt is automatically generated and immediately sent to your email account when making a donation through our online donation form. You can expect to receive your receipt for a one-time donation within one or two weeks from the date you made a donation by phone or mail.

I made an online donation but no electronic tax receipt was sent to my email account. What should I do?

The most common reasons for not receiving the electronic tax receipt are either a wrong email address or the email being blocked by a spam filter. Please contact us by phone at 514-340-8222, extension 22763 or by email at events@jghfoundation.org for assistance.



How do I access my Fundraising Hub?

Follow these steps to login to your Fundraising Hub:

  • Click the login button which is located at the top right corner of the page you are visiting.
  • Enter your username and password. You will be directed to your Fundraising Hub once you are logged in.
  • If you are the team captain, you will have access to the team page in your Fundraising Hub.

How do I join a team after registration?

You can join a team from your Fundraising Hub:

  • Login to your Fundraising Hub
  • Click on the profile tab
  • Select the event options tab
  • Scroll down to the Change Team Membership box and select the Join a Team radio button
  • Search for a team to join

How do I edit my Fundraising or Group page?

Personal and Group Fundraising Pages have default content when you register for an event. However, we highly recommend that you personalize your page to tell your own (or your team's) story and why the event is important to you.

Only team captains will have access to edit the Team Fundraising Page from their Fundraising Hub.

STEP 1: Login to your Fundraising Hub

STEP 2: Click on the 'Me' or 'My Team' tab, located above your fundraising progress, depending on which page you want to edit (Remember if you are not a Team Captain, you will not see the Team Page tab.

STEP 3: On the right panel you can select to customize your Personal Page URL, edit your page title and content, or update the media (photo/video).

Some things to consider:

  • Please be sure your photo is saved as a JPG, GIF, or PNG file type.
  • Files must be smaller than 4 megabytes.
  • Only YouTube video links are supported.
  • You may choose either a photo or a video link, but not both.
  • You can add a different photo and video link on your Personal Fundraising Page, and if you're a team captain, on your Team Fundraising Page.

How do I change my personal goal through my Fundraising Hub?

Follow these steps to update your goal in your Fundraising Hub:

  • Login to your Fundraising Hub. Click "Progress" tab, then click 'Personal' button.
  • Next to 'My Goal', click 'Change'.
  • Enter your new goal in the space provided and click 'Submit'.

You have to be a Team Captain to change your group fundraising goal.

Follow these steps to update your goal in your Fundraising Hub:

  • Login to your Fundraising Hub. Click the "Progress" tab, then click the "Team" button.
  • Next to "Team Goal', click 'Change'.
  • Enter your new team goal in the space provided and click 'Submit'.

How do I import my contacts from my email account?

Contacts from your Gmail or Yahoo account can be uploaded to your Fundraising Hub, for all other email providers, see 'How can I import my contacts by CSV file?'.

STEP 1: Login to your Fundraising Hub

STEP 2: On your Fundraising Hub home page and click the 'Email' tab to access the Email functionality.

STEP 3: Click 'Contacts' in the links on the right-side of the screen.

STEP 4: Click 'Import Contacts'.

STEP 5: Choose the button next to either Gmail or Yahoo and click 'Next'.

STEP 6: Login to your Yahoo or Gmail email account to link to the Fundraising Hub. Yahoo or Google may request for you to authorize access. Click 'Allow access' so that you confirm permission for your Fundraising Hub to access your email contacts.

STEP 7: Select Contacts to Import. You can opt to import ALL of your contacts from your email address book. Click the check box next to the email addresses of the contacts you want to import into your Fundraising Hub. Then, click the 'Next' button.

STEP 8: Confirm and complete a final review of the contacts that will be imported. Review your imported email addresses. If you have any duplicates to resolve, be sure to review:

  • Add: add to your import for your Fundraising Hub Contacts
  • Update: Modify a current contact you have in your Fundraising Hub Contacts
  • Ignore: Do not add this contact to your Fundraising Hub Contacts

STEP 9: After you click 'Finished' on the bottom of the page, you're ready to start sending some emails.

How do I personalize the email templates and send out to my contacts through the Fundraising Hub?

To send out a personalized email via the Fundraising Hub:

  • Login to your Fundraising Hub. Click the "Email" tab, click the "Compose" button.
  • Select the appropriate email template from the dropdown list that appears on screen. Click "Next".
  • Edit the templated message to personalize it. A link to your personal fundraising page will automatically be included at the bottom of each message when it is sent.
  • When you are finished editing your message, click "Next" to select your recipients and/or import your contacts.
  • After you've selected your recipients, click "Next" to see a preview of your message and click "Send".


How do I send emails asking for donations through the fundraising hub?

After logging in, click on the 'Send an Email' tab on the left-hand menu of your Fundraising Hub. You can either choose the template we have created for you or customize your own. Then, you can enter email addresses of the people you want to reach out to in the box provided or click on View/Add Contacts to import from an existing email contact list. If you choose to customize the email, make sure you click 'save' before sending it out that way it will be there for you next time you choose to send an email.

How do I thank my donors through the fundraising hub?

After logging in, select 'Thank your Donors' tab on the left-hand panel and then click on 'Unthanked Donors'. To send out a thank you email, select recipients, edit the text of your thank you email and select preview & send.

I'm a team captain, how do I email my team?

You can send an email to your whole team through your Fundraising Hub. Click on 'Team', and then select 'Email Team' from the left-hand menu.